Our Local Government:

Nicholson Borough since 1875

Location - 402 Main Street Nicholson, PO BOX 610 PA 18446

Hours - Wednesday & Friday 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Contact: 942 - 6451 FAX:942-4698

Mailing Address: Nicholson Borough, 17 Main St. PO Box AD, Nicholson Pennsylvania 18446.



Secretary: Karen S. Brown

Council President: Dawn Bell

Vice President: Stephen Coleman

Council Members: Joan Irion Jenkins, Gregory Palaskas, David Noakes, John Decker and Mary Scott.



Zoning Officer:

George Dougherty Office hours Tuesdays 12:00- 2:30 (570) 942-4197 

**Permits are required for many projects such as Decks, Pools, Additions, Garages you need to contact George prior to starting any project.

 Nicholson is a zoned community and all residents are expected to follow these Ordinances. The ordinances are in place to ensure our community continues to be pleasant place to reside. If you would like to view the Ordinances or have a copy you may contact the Borough office during regular hours or leave a message and Karen will get back to you.

Some of the Ordinances are:

"97-250 Curfew Ordinance" Children under 16 may not roam town between 10PM and 6AM

"97-251 Skate Boards and Inline Skates" You may not skate on Public roads at any time.

"98-252 Junk Ordinance" You may not store household garbage or junk on your property.

"99-254 Burning Ordinance" You may burn papers and leaves between 6AM and 7PM Except for Holidays and Sundays.

"05-279 Snow Removal" You must clear your sidewalks within 24 hrs of a storm and snow may not be put in road.

"06-283 Grass Ordinance" Your grass and weeds need to be keep less than 6".


Water Authority:

Location: PO Box 324 Nicholson PA 18446

Contact: (570)942-0405


Official  Borough Web Site :nicholsonborough.org/